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Lancaster County Pennsylvania native Steve Groff is a farmer, author, consultant and speaker known internationally for his work in cover-crops and no-till agriculture. 

Steve has a history of innovating and pioneering in the area of environmentally healthy farming practices. He designed the first roller-crimper in North America that makes cover cropping practical and effective.

He developed the Tillage Radish, a unique cover crop that helps infuse the soil with rich nutrients and is now recognized around the world. And he was the first commercial farmer to no-till transplant tomatoes.


Innovations like these have led him to be sought out locally in the southeast Pennsylvania region, as well as nationally and internationally as a consultant and speaker, particularly as regenerative agriculture practices are becoming a required necessity by global food supply chains.

He's done many TV and podcast interviews and has been frequently featured in various print media publications.

Steve's book The Future-Proof Farm: Changing Mindsets in a Changing World spotlights his personal story. It's a stark wake-up call, fanning the flames of effective regenerative ag for farmers and consumers alike, to produce healthy, nutrient-dense food that satisfies planet-friendly practices and provides the foundations for a future-proof farm.

The foreward for Steve's book is written by Roian Atwood, Senior Director of Sustainability at Wrangler.

Fast Facts:


  • Designed the first cover crop Roller-Crimper in North America.

  • Developed the Tillage Radish.

  • Started the first company in the world exclusively selling cover crop seed.

  • First commercial vegetable farm to no-till transplant tomatoes.


Consulting for:

  • USDA

  • Wrangler

  • Stroud Water Research

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation

  • NRCS

  • Rodale Institute

  • Penn State University

  • University of MD

  • Cornell University


Writing for:

  • American Agriculturalist

  • Acres USA

  • Lancaster Farming


International speaking & consulting:

Canada, Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, South Africa, Uruguay, Argentina


I love helping:

  • Consumers, understand the importance of knowing more about their produce and products

  • Farmers, with their crops

  • Agronomists, with their training

  • Educators, in the field & within institutions


Core Philosophies:

  1. Soil is meant to be covered.

  2. Planning and understanding are essential to farming success.

  3. “Why” and “How” are essential ... Concepts plus practical instruction.

  4. Treat your cover crops like your cash crops!

Truly outstanding in his field.
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