Steve Groff Fast Facts:


  • Designed the first cover crop Roller-Crimper in North America.

  • Developed the Tillage Radish.

  • Started the first company in the world exclusively selling cover crop seed.

  • First commercial vegetable farm to no-till transplant tomatoes.


Consulting for:

  • Wrangler

  • Stroud Water Research

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation

  • NRCS

  • Rodale Institute

  • Penn State University

  • University of MD

  • Cornell University


Writing for:

  • American Agriculturalist

  • Lancaster Farming


International speaking & consulting:

Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, South Africa


I love helping:

  • Farmers, with their crops

  • Agronomists, with their training

  • Seed companies, with new mix formulation

  • Educators, in the field & within institutions


Core Philosophies:

  1. Soil is meant to be covered.

  2. Planning and understanding are essential to farming success.

  3. “Why” and “How” are essential ... Concepts plus practical instruction.

  4. Treat your cover crops like your cash crops!

Steve's Story
"When managed correctly, cover crops absolutely DO pay. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to NOT plant cover crops!"
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