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It's about Cover Crops,
and so much more. 

Effective cover cropping is one of the best proven methods for improving the soil health of your farm. 


But it's so much bigger than that. 


I'm watching trends in our industry that will have ripple effects on farmers and agronomists everywhere, presenting critical challenges to overcome, and future-proofing opportunities for those who do.


Watch the video below to learn more.


Steve's Cover Cropping Approach

My basic philosophy and their outcomes are simple.


  1. Soil is meant to be covered. There must be ground cover and living roots in the soil to maximize ecological benefits. 

  2. Strategic planning and understanding tactical options is paramount for a farmer's success.

  3. Once a farmer is committed to the "why"– the concepts of using cover crops, he immediately needs the "how"–the practical insights to make cover crops work in his specific operation.

  4. The primary message to farmers is this: Treat your cover crops like your cash crops!  There is no mindset more powerful when it comes to making cover crops pay for a farmer. 



Seeing the Big Picture

The trajectory of agriculture has already been set. Food suppliers are already being mandated to source food from farms that operate with sustainable and environmentally safe practices. 


And that begins with successful cover cropping. 


Excelling in this field is no longer an option. It is essential for positioning yourself as an indispensable part of the agricultural supply chain. 


Your confident future and long-term security is rooted in expert education from experts.


Knowing how to cover crop well will have incredible down-stream effects on your soil, your crops and your ability to sell to the market. 

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