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Your farmland is a valuable investment! The way it’s managed can protect & improve your land. Learn how, & gain access to planning tools.


About this Event


Taking care of the land is a lot like maintaining a house- a well-maintained property retains its value compared to one that has fallen into disrepair. In addition, the way farmland is managed can create benefits for water quality, climate change and human health. Join Steve Groff, the Cover Crop Coach, and Sarah Everhart, with the University of Maryland’s Agriculture Law Education Initiative, to learn how you and your tenant farmer can work together to improve the soil health on your farm.

This free, three-part webinar series will teach you about soil health and why it is important for the value of your farmland. You’ll also walk away with tips and tools for communicating with your farmer and setting common goals for your land.

JULY 14, 7PM

  • Protect Your Investment with Soil Health. Steve Groff will talk about soil health for landowners- what it is, why it’s important and how to increase it. 

JULY 21, 7PM

  • Win-Win Strategies and Tools. Sarah Everhart will discuss how to communicate with your farmer, and how to develop a simple lease that will help to ensure that you achieve common goals. 

JULY 28, 7PM

  • Bringing It All Together. Steve and Sarah will answer common questions about soil health and communication between farmers and landowners, and how to overcome barriers to better land management. 



Registration includes access to the live webinars, leasing templates and other resources, as well as the webinar recordings. All webinars begin at 7 pm and will last for about one hour, including time for questions.


Steve Groff is the trusted voice of regenerative farming innovation and education for over 25 years. Steve is an active farmer, agricultural consultant and professional presenter. His new book, "The Future-Proof Farm", is due to be released this summer.

Sarah Everhart is a Senior Legal Specialist with the University of Maryland's Agriculture Law Education Initiative. In partnership with the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agroecology, ALEI developed an Agricultural Conservation Leasing Guide in 2018.

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